Paediatric Complex Care

Our motto ‘Bringing you Home’ is perhaps most relevant when it applies to your most cherished processions: your children.

We have extensive experience of dealing with paediatric clients who have a wide range of complex physical needs.

Before our service commences, we go through a detailed assessment with you to ascertain the exact level and type of care that is required. Working closely with the NHS services, the hospital and or Social Services, we strive to select a team that not only has the professional know - how to care for your child but the temperament to enter your life and support you on this journey.

A dedicated care team or individual is identified and they are either recruited or drawn from our existing staff. We ensure the team has the relevant training to deliver the bespoke care that your child requires. You will get to meet and approve all members of this team - not just to get comfort with their qualifications, but to also assess their suitability.

All care is overseen by experienced registered nurses. Our team includes neonatal, paediatric nurses, staff registered in learning disabilities, mental health care, nurses to help with ventilators and tracheostomies, syringe drivers, Hickman lines, IVs, PEG feeds, and other complex care support systems. All our staff are trained to look after children suffering from chronic conditions, including palliative patients.

We will be able to assist with all aspects of care, including guiding you through the funding application process if required.

As much as possible our goal is to protect and care but also to enable the children to maximise their independence. Where possible, we assist them to take part in social activities, helping them to live as full a life as they can.

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