Our Care Delivery Process

The high quality day-to-day care management we deliver starts with free no obligation client assessments. We use these to create fully bespoke care plans and to recruit, mobilise and continually supervise and train our dedicated professional care delivery teams at our in-house facility.

From the time we start providing care to new service users, our in-house quality assurance team inspects and assesses care plans and daily care records on a regular basis. We also conduct reviews with the families and case managers/advocates of our service users, and suggest changes as necessary.


We promise to be responsive in taking care enquiries and aim to arrange an assessment within 3 working days

Undertake a "no-cost" assessment

We travel to the client’s location and undertake a free in-depth clinical assessment by an experienced nurse

Agree Costs

We work with the service user or the commissioner (NHS, County Council, Solicitor, Case Manager, Client) and provide a detailed and transparent quote for our services

Create Care Plan

We create a detailed care plan taking many factors into consideration including the client’s needs, the client’s location, the client’s living space and the client’s likes and dislikes and a thorough assessment of risks, along with pathways to rehabilitation

Select and confirm the Care Team

We work with the client and their family to identify a suitable team with the right experience and temperament to suit the needs of the client

Care Delivery

We begin the delivery of care accompanied by ongoing and regular reviews with the client, commissioners and other advocates; staff supervision and assessment are ongoing and essential to ensure a smooth running package of care. Regular quality assurance meetings are held with the client, the purchaser and the staff and regular feedback given to all.

Changes in care delivery requirement

Care requirements either increasing or decreasing can be accommodated to support the client in terms of their conditions on a daily basis with full evidence supplied enabling the funding to be adjusted to meet the individuals needs.

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